Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Honeycutt Boys

Well late last night while I was reading, the diaries of vampires I came across a character names Matt Honeycutt. This left me to ponder; does Emmett Honeycut from QAF have a sibling, or even a son? Now come on people you all know this might be possible, Emmett, Matt. They are so close it is crazy. And yes one likes boys the other likes the most popular girl Robert E. Lee. That is not the point, the point is we could get these two Honeycutt boys, (yes, I now that sounds weird) back together. If I come across someone in the book named Emmett, I think I'll die of laughing.

This post is a little bit of fun and humor that I don't do much on this blog, because most of my humor is gross, :-/ but enjoy. Hope you laugh, when I read the words Honeycutt in the book, i couldn't stop laughing.

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