Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devon is awesome

Devon Monk author of Magic to the Bone is awesome. She is very talented and nice. although her first book is not my cup of tea. Anyone that can get a book out and get as much praise as she does, deserves to be called awesome. And do you know why??? Because as you know she helps run the blog/website Deadline Dames and on her first post she asked us to state our reasonable goals and unreasonable goals. Mine was to catalog one bookcase in my room by; series, author name, and genre, as my reasonable one. Catalog all bookcases in my house, (15 of them) by series, author name, and genre for my unreasonable goal. a few weeks later she wanted to thank the people who comment by sending them a little treat. That is a cover flat, a little letter, and a Japanese Kaeru frog sitting on a piece of paper. Here is what the frog means-
Kaeru means both "frog" and "return". Carried by a traveler out little frog brings wishes for a safe return home
-isn't that nice :-). The cover flat is like all other flats and the note is just a thank you. But when a author connects with fans this way it is special. Thanks Devon now I'll go to her blog to thank her.

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