Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: Obsession by Kayla Perrin

So, sorry for being so...Off lately, I've been having some trouble in my home town, but this is for reviews not my problems. So Alicia over at Alicias Romance Reveiws, is new to blogger world and she asked me to review Obsession. And because I am such a great person, I promised, I would. so lets do this...Thingy.

Obsession Kayla Perrin


After her husband confesses to a racy but ultimately unfulfilling affair, Sophie Gibson's rage leaves her raw, unable to process his attempt to repair the damage by suggesting she have her own tryst.
Soon, though, the idea of sex as retaliation begins to intrigue her—a no-strings-attached, sexually subversive liaison may be just what she needs before she can forgive Andrew. Hooking up with Peter, a dark and dangerous artist willing to push the limits of Sophie's lustful, quivering need, fits the bill perfectly.
Sophie's covetousness for Peter was always about experiencing intensity in the moment, but soon the affair runs its course and now it's time for her to focus on her future…with Andrew. Except, Peter is convinced he can't live without her. Then come the cards, the presents, the calls…the hint of a threat. One way or another he will have Sophie. Even if that means exacting revenge of his own.


Sophie, I thought was a very likable character, even though she is rather gullible and a little too trusting at times. I wanted to smack her in the head every so often, but that would be difficult since she is banging Peter at least every other chapter. This title is very fitting for the story line, 'obsession.' Sophie is very obsessed with Peter in a very sexual way and Peter is obsessed with Sophie in a very psycho way. So, Sophie decides to get back at her husband who has had an affair, and she does indeed. I really don't want to give anything away, cause that just isn't my style. But I will say that this book is not for every person out there. It is very heavy on the erotica and in my opinion had a little too much. And it didn't let up for the first part of the book, I mean they are getting freaky in a Denny's at one point in the book. But about half way in, Peter starts to act strange, and doesn't want Sophie to ever leave. Okay that is all you are going to get out of me. Now anyone that has problem with sex, very descriptive sex shouldn't read this. But I enjoyed it so you might as well. I loved the ending and I thought that Sophie and Peter, and Andrew (Sophie's husband) get what they deserve. Wether that is good, or bad? Well you will just have to read to find that out.


So go check out Alicia and I hope you enjoyed this amazing review. :-/ Um I'm still reading Snitch and I flipping love it. I after I'm done with that two of my friends want to borrow it. Who will get it first? Stay tuned.

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