Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: Jenny Green's Killer Jr. Year by Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn

Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year is a dark, sometimes savage comedy about a typical jappy girl who's grown totally sick of Long Island.

It's September 2007, Jenny's the newest transfer student to the prestigious Molson Academy in Montreal, Canada. Academics aside, Jenny is eager for the opportunity to start a new life in Montreal with the guy of her dreams, Josh Beck. But their first date doesn't exactly go as planned, in fact, it's a total disaster--and that's not to mention the blood...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. There are so many problems I had with this book. Um, lets start with Jenny Green's attitude. It's really not the fact that she is a prep, but that she is crazy!! This girl is killing people for no reason. The just guy she killed Josh Beck, okay she really had a good reason to kill him. She really did. But the other guys, although some were assholes, didn't deserve it. And then she goes and gets an alternate personality. "Supergirl," she calls it, not only is that soooo original but complete crap. We all know that Jenny doesn't have an alternate personality. And she lives in this place called Hippy Hall, pretty self explanatory. I think it was the preppy-ness that made me not like the book, and the fact that i didn't like the main character. I like to like the main character, and having the main character be a ruthless killer is not a good thing. In my opinion anyways. Oh well, i'm not gonna rant, I was gonna keep going a explain things about the book, and i might come back later and edit more in. But for now, I'll leave you with: Take caution when reading this book, for the words 'like' and 'totally' appear on almost each on. You may find yourselve turn...PREP!!

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