Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Succubus Blues

I just finished the book entitled Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. It was amazing. The story revolves around Miss. Georgina Kincaid a hot, sexy succubus, with friends in high (immortals) and low (mortals) places. Georgina steals the 'life force' from mortal males. By stealing their 'life force' she get "fuel" for lack of a better word. Normally she only has to feed every few weeks, if she keeps the shape-shifting to a minimal.

But now her favorite author Seth moves to her town and starts coming to her bookstore/cafe' to write, she finds herself being drawn to him. But hopes of having a relationship are dead because she would steal his 'life force'. Now that is hardly her only trouble, someone or something is killing immortals. So Georgina and her friends must find out who/what is doing it, even if the higher immortals don't want her too. And while all of this is happening a seemingly sweet, handsome, and kindhearted, man named Roman steps into Georgina's life. Now what is a succubus to do when two mortal males start falling in love with her, and she start falling back? She tries to avoid them, duh. But of course that never works. And with her job, dance lessons, and friends all in which she has commitments too, what is she going to do?

Another 'duh' she acts sexy, witty, and aggressive to get what she wants. This book has none stop mystery and action. It also will make you laugh and cheer for Georgina and most of her friends. Now with a book with Succubus in it name you will encounter sex. There are very few sex scenes in this books but they are rather descriptive, and this is not a children book. Georgina also has flashbacks and it is sometimes hard to tell when thing like this happen, but this does not diminish the story. She will shook you and you will love her for it. If you haven't picked up a copy of this book, then get it now and pick p the next two in the series while you're at it.

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