Thursday, December 4, 2008

Devon Monk

I bought this little pretty a few weeks ago and finally picked it up for reading today. I started it during lunch break at school today and was at page 100 by the time lunch got out. I am about half way through now and the cover quotes are right on the money, it is addictive and I do want more, more, more. Two of my favorite authors gave mini reviews for this book; Patricia Briggs and Rachel Vincent and so far they are true.

The plot so far is original and really compelling. I love Allie and her friends. I hope to finish this by morning but I need at least six hours of sleep or I'm screwed ;-). Wish me luck and if you haven't picked a up a copy of this yet do it, do it now! And since this book is published and on the shelves, I can give a review with spoilers!

P.S. Check out her blog and website. - website - blog

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  1. I just bought her book but, to me it seems like she only agrees with magic when it agrees with her. What do you think about that?