Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Air Authors

From Rachel Vincent's Blog

Authors on Air
If you've been following things at FFF, you'll be familiar with the Authors on Air/Blog talk radio events, the first of which ran right before Halloween. (And if you're not familiar, you should definitely check that out.) The next show is coming up very quickly, and I'm going to be on it!

So, mark your calendars, please! It's a call in show, and your chance to ask several authors questions, live!

Here are the specifics:

TIME & DATE: Thursday, December 11th at 3PM (EST)

TOPIC: First Book in a Series


Listen and discuss how to set up your world and characters when writing your first book in a series (and the ones that come afterward). Join FFF authors Jenna Black, Jeaniene Frost, Patrice Michelle, Jeanne Stein, and Rachel Vincent with Eos Executive Editor, Diana Gill for this lively exchange.

HOW: Go to the link above to listen to the show from your computer at 3pm eastern on Thursday. Or you can call (347) 826-9684 to listen from your phone and ask questions live during the show.

Also, if you take the above link now, you can set a reminder for yourself, so you don't accidentally miss the broadcast.

I'm very excited about this (and more than a little nervous), and grateful to Harper Collins for working with FFF to set this up. So, feel free to copy and paste this announcement onto your own blog and spread the word

Thanks to Rachel Vincent letting people copy and paste this their blogs

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