Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Review

I finished Magic to the Bone yesterday, and liked it, It was not my favorite but there is real potential in the series. Why do I think this? Well there are a lot of new sayings and words that I had a bit of trouble understanding at first and I think Devon should have expanded on it a bit. Also the writing, Devon is talented no doubt about it, but Allie uses words such as 'so'. And she uses it in a way that I imagine a teenager using it.

To do a real review I would want to be truthful, but I don't want to book/author bash. But I really did enjoy it for the most part and I do want to read more. It just didn't... I don't know... some books captivate me and some don't, this one didn't and I was really into it the first half of the book, but after that I lost it.

The whole thing with Allie father and (spoiler) then he dies. who killed him? Was it Zayvion, the man that was hired by Allies father to fallow her, and then he quit the same day Daddy dies? Is it Mama the mother of the child that Allies father supposedly Offloaded magic onto, or maybe another one of her sons? Or the person that I suspected at first, Allie she sometimes has memory lapses and she was clearly pissed, so did she do? NO Allie didn't do it but that would be interesting. There were a lot of suspects, many of which we might not even know. Then this Hound named Bonnie is out to get her too. There was a lot of things gong one and rather hard for me to wrap my mind around.
All in all, **** stars and a lot of hope for the second one in the series and that is all I can say.

And to the comment. I see where your coming from, especially in the beginning when Allie goes to she her father and she thinks that he lied, even though they used a blood to blood spell that supposed to stop lies. Um...and she does it a little through the story, but not so much that it is annoying. And in that chapter she was really pissed. But I understand what you mean. ;-)

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