Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd

Dade just graduated from high school and his entire life has reached a breaking point. He has a horrible job at Food World, his parents should be divorced but are hanging on until he leaves for college, and his “boyfriend” Pablo is so far in the closet that he has a girlfriend and won’t acknowledge Dade in public. Dade drifts through his summer in a haze of marijuana and booze, living in that strange world between high school and college. On the way he finds both a first true friend, a real boyfriend, and his own voice.

Oh my fucking goodness. Very few books make me think that. And this one did. Dade as a character is just so amazing. Read it in two days during work and I just couldn't put it down. Dade decides that Pablo is no longer worth his time and love. And he soon finds his first real friend in Lucy a rebel lesbian that was sent by her parents in LA to live with her Aunt down the street from Dade. And then a boyfriend in Alex, a drug dealer that is nothing like the stereotypes that come with it. All of this going on while Jenny Moore; a little girl goes missing.

This book, filled with love, heartache, friendship and discovering ones true self. All through having of a broken family and living in a homophobic world. The book will keep you guessing and worrying about the characters.

The message is so great and it really is greatly stated in the last paragraph of the book and I love it. Also I wanted to thank my buddy Nat for this recommendation, it was as great as you said it was. :)

Cover: The cover is good, Dade is seen on the front laying in the grass, in a very awesome shirt. On the back on the dust cover is Alex laying next him in the other direction. The title art is also great. And the authors name printed neatly on the bottom in white letters.

Ages: I would say 14 and up. The sexual content is mild but drug use and under aged drinking is seen throughout. Also major assy-ness from some of the characters. So beware. This book also holds the place of my second favorite book. The first place being held my Speak.
6/5 Rocking-Out Skulls

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