Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doing It by Melvin Burgess

The Controversial book on which the cult favorite ABC television series Life As We Know It was based, Doing it introduces us to Dino, Jon, and Ben, three teenage best friends who can't stop thinking about, and talking about, well, doing it!

I was very, not sure, when I bought this book. The name itself is very out there. But I bought it and was very surprised with it. Dino is such a prick and womanizer. (yes I just started singing that song :-)) Ben is stuck in a sucky relationship with a woman but old then him. and Jon is just weird, but really sweet. Jackie is a little too much in love with Dino. Miss is alittle to needy for Ben's liking. Deborah really likes Jon but will he be man enough to over look her weight?

And under all the sex and nastey-ness is an honest to goodness love story. Everyone in this book is in love in some way or another. And that's the ultimate goal I think of the book. Love is such a taboo for some of these characters. Some straight out saying it, others no believing it, and others just not feeling it.

But the set up of the book might be confusing. Some of the chapters are in third person and then some of the chapters are in first-person but the person talking changes. So although it seems confusing it wasn't for me. But if you like to have a solid point of view for the whole story this isn't for you.

Ages: 15 and up, this book has very adult situations and language throughout.

4/5 Rocking Out Skulls

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