Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me? Bubbly?

Someone called me bubbly...WTF!?!? I didn't believe the lil' hoe (love her tho). So I went and watched some of my Videos. Holy shit! Is that how I really sound? Bloody hell it's horrid. I was having like a break down to my bestie friend not to long ago and she goes "How do you act so bubbly on the outside and then feel all that?"

Granted, I'm an emotional little queer apparently I'm really good at hiding that. The emotional part anyways. So like I never thought of myself as bubbly cause then that would mean Prep. Lets not go there. Cause that would irk the hell out of me. So do I really act bubbly? Cause if I do then that's so not me and that's not the image I want to give people of myself. Whatever, I'm off. I've blogged too much about none book things today. But seriously me not bubbly. Maybe if my step-father wasn't such a douche, I could have an outward image.

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