Sunday, August 2, 2009

M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou & Chris Tebbetts

When Frannie is desperate to get the attention of her crush, her fabolous (and gay) best friend Marcus suggests that Frannie chat with him online. Too ad Frannie's terrified. She won't type a word without Marcus's help.
In the cat room, Marcus and Jeffrey hit it off. But the more Marcus writes, the more he's convinced that Jeffrey is falling for HIM, not Frannie.
Whose romance is this anyway? Read this heartwarming comedy of errors to find out.

First off, I totally relate to Frannie and Marcus. Not the whole chat room thing. But the brain twin thing, yea me and my bestie totally have that. (Love you Lushious!) So crazy idea to have your gay bet friend pretend to be you online to try to hook the man of your dream huh? Yea it tis, but it's original.

So I really liked this book, it was cute and funny and well written. The characters are awhsum, but the supporting characters are hard to read. Like Jeffrey and Glen and Astrid??? They will keep you guessing throughout the entire book. And the humor is just...Funny, it works. I enjoy that Marcus isn't angsty and hating life cause he's gay. He's out at school and that doesn't matter, no one really cares beside a stray homophobes. So that made it realistic for the most part.

Frannie and Marcus have a great friendship but struggle through it in the middle of the book. The plot was good and pretty well paced. And the two alternate point of views from chapter to chapter. Altogether good book.

Complaints: Why are all gay men described as fabulous on the back blurbs. Honestly just cause he's gay doesn't make him fabulous. Regardless if it's true or not. Glen, just wish he was...well you'll find out if you read it. Each chapter has an icon for ether male or female to show who is talking. Well on one chapter Marcus had the female icon. It might just be my book but it's a defect.

Cover: The hardback cover is alil' to cluttered. I like the paperback version, which I have.

Age: 12 and up, mild language, and nothing more then kissing.

3.5 Rocking out skulls

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