Sunday, April 5, 2009

Book in my Plastic Bag (4)

Let me just start off by saying. I'm pissed. No, that is an understate. But lets keep this PG. Last night I decided to do a video for this post. The first one I angled the camera wrong and you couldn't see my head. GAH! So I made another one, and that one came out perfect. I got home today after an amazing weekend. Go to up-load the video. It. Won't. Let. Me! Double GAH! So I'm just gonna do this the old fashioned way. See picture for books

City of Ashe by Cassandra Clare

Wake by Lisa McMann

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Maximum Ride: Vol-1 by by James Patterson (Author), NaRae Lee (illustrator)

I had also gotten Go-Ask-Alice by Anonymous, I'm sorry I couldn't find it to get it in the picture.


This week will be a themed week. It will be themed around the Maximum Ride series. I'm not sure how i'm going to be doing this, but I will be posting about the books everyday this week. So yeah, that should be fun.


  1. all great ones! impulse was hard to get into, really blunt, but i did end up liking it...enjoy:)

  2. Thanks for the comment. OMG i started it today, IDK if i'll be able to put it down. My Bestie said to beware the ending. and DO NOT read ahead

  3. I enjoyed all of the Immortal instruments books. Great trio of reads.. I love a series that has a great ending.
    I received Fade, but don't have Wake yet. Sigh I am going to try and find the HB so they match. Sad I know.. lol...
    Enjoy your reads.