Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review!! Finally

Before I start what will be an amazing review :-/, I would like to inform you that Prey by Rachel Vincent is now available for pre-order at Amazon...

Succubus On Top

This is the second book in the succubus series by Richelle Mead. This book deals with the normal stuff for a succubus; sex, drugs, and a male succubus. (incubus) So Georgina's coworker Doug appears to be doing very well, whether it be in the bookstore or in his band. But Georgina soon finds out that this is only because of a drug that seems to be, being handed out by the new member of Nocturnal Admission. Now like almost all drugs this on has side affect, the good affect is you can do what you're good at about tenfold, but the bad is once you're hooked and you run out of it you go into a deep depression.

I loved this book and the fact that we get to meet an incubus named Bastien who has known Georgina since nearly the beginning of her succubus career. Bastien is in Seattle on 'business' and this guy is a peace of work, and really funny when he wants to be but also very rude. And where is Seth? Well he is still Georginas' boyfriend and he kinda has a foot fetish, who knew? Well they are still working on their relationship, and finding ways to 'sex it up' without 'sexin it up.' UMMMM...IDK What else is there to say, god I'm really bad at this stuff. It is again like the first book; fast paced and written very well. and I love the back cover blurb at the top..."Georgina Kincaid's job sucks. Literally" LOL I love that.

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