Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bored to the 10th Power!!

It's late, like 4:04 where I'm at. I should be reading, but I'm not. I'm still in the middle of Succubus on Top, I've been reading like 1 chapter a day, mainly because of school. I've been trying videos but I'm not very comfortable with posting me and my house and my voice online...yet. I don't know, I shouldn't even be using the computer or the digital camera but my parents don't know so, aah well.

Um, my friend was over today and she talked my into straighening my hair. Being a guy I never thought I would/should straighten my hair, but I did. And normaly it's really poofy and frizzey, but straightened it is pretty long, longer then I thought it was. In the back it to the bottom of my neck, on the sides it's to the top of my jaw line, and on the front/bangs it's to the end of my nose. I like it, it's sleak and...But it's is way to much work, and I can't even remember every thing she did. She had to like clip and straighten, and unclip and straighten. It was too much work to do every day.

I'm going to end this on a quote from Buffy, Vamp Willow: "Bored Now"

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